உன்னுடன் நான்!

A poem that I wrote 7 years back in my dear own Tamil language. I was a kid back then. I was in school, doing my 11th standard. Living a hostel far away from my home, I continued to have feelings for her but wasn’t sure of what she had in her mind at that time. I just scribbled these lines in a note book back then. And now, I’ve posted it.

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To be Friends with You!

Jan 22, 2017

“Tell me what should I do 😟?” I asked Rima in WhatsApp.

I just got back to my room after meeting my friend, Rima Shri. It had been months since we last met. The last time we met, she shared with me the paranormal activity, Soan Papdi that she encountered. But this time, it was my turn to share my ultra-abnormal activities.

I had just told her the whole not-so-interesting story that happened between me and Payal, the Anklet Girl who works in the same company as I do; in a different project though. And the never-before-behaviour of mine which ended up with Payal avoiding me. I also showed Rima the Portrait of Payal that I sketched.

“This doesn’t exactly look like her!” Rima said on seeing the sketch. “I would say, the sketch looks prettier than Payal herself!” I replied her trying to convenience myself that the Sketch is that of Payal.  I wanted to give that portrait to her. How am I gonna give it? Payal doesn’t even talk to me.  The conversation that I had with Rima few hours before was running in my mind.


“What is your heart and mind telling you?” Rima asked.

“Heart – Blank🤕… Mind – Worried😟…

“You didn’t do anything wrong… First keep that in mind! Ok?” she tried to convince me.

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My Princess

I found at last the one for me!

Love on you made the blissful me!

Always wanted a girl like you;

Very kind and caring too!

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Be back in my Life!

Pretty Girls, all around…

Do you know why I’m still alone?

I hope you know why I’m still alone!


Crushes, not just one…

I adored you more than anyone!

Girl I loved you more than anyone!

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நெஞ்சம் கொஞ்சம்!

உன்னை பார்த்ததும் என் நெஞ்சம்,

காதல் செய்யேன் என்று கொஞ்சம்,

ஒற்றைக்காலில் நின்று என்னை கெஞ்சுகின்றதே!


©Navin Rajagopal

Be My Love

Let us all go back to our School days. See this from the eyes of a 90’s school kid.

You are in Tamil Nadu, India.

You are 13. You have some friends in school. And there is this Girl. She is your close friend and you adore her. The reason? You don’t know.

You like eyeing her whenever you get time. And sometimes, you make time! Class room, play ground, parking area, etc. The place isn’t keeping your eyes away from her. When you ask yourself why, you don’t know.

You are 14. Your friends boast you up that what you have for her is Love. You feel excited. You start doing stuffs that would make her know your feelings for her. But this ends up bad. She stops talking to you.

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